3 Ways to Style Jouvert Tee’s


Yo! Are you gearing up for carnival?! You should be because its right around the corner! Jouvert is a big part of most carnival’s. As described in one of my previous posts…


Jouvert is a lively parade held early in the morning where participants get “dutty” on the road with paint, powder, mudd, chocolate, water and oil in some cases. Participants follow big trucks and dance to music as they get drenched in the elements.


Jouvert is an opportunity for everyone to free up themselves without worrying about staying clean. Even though it’s a time of pure duttiness, most of us ladies still want to look cute in the process. So, I am happy to present 3 different ways for you to cut and style your jouvert t-shirt. Check out this short video for instructions on how to achieve each look.



Like what you’ve heard?! Find the links to each song below. The riddim is called “Breaking Dawn” and it’s my favorite 2017 soca riddim thus far!







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