I’ve wanted to address the topic of carnival relationships for the past year, but I just haven’t had the drive or opportunity to address it. Recently, the Universe has been dropping hints that it wanted me to speak on situationships specifically, so, here we are. 

Last night when I tuned into Netflix for my daily dose of Frasier, the content of the episode fell in line with the vlog I recorded earlier in the day; I knew it needed to be mentioned. So, when you get the opportunity, please watch season 1, episode 7 of Frasier, entitled “Call Me Irresponsible.” Here’s an excerpt I found online at www.kacl780.net:

Situationship excerpt from Frasier!

Please don’t think that covering this topic means that I am encouraging situationships. I’m really not honestly; but, if you’re going to subject yourself to one then please do so with caution.

  • Have honest conversations with yourself and your potential partner
  • Always operate with respect
  • Look, listen and feel
  • Follow the rules you agreed to
  • Get TF out when it’s time

As I said, the Universe was on board. I’m gonna leave you with these gems that came my way. Thanks @Renaim!