8 Hours in Heaven

There’s nothing better than spending 8 hours with family on your old stomping grounds. I had the pleasure of flying over to Grand Turk to see the rest of my family. Grand Turk is the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s a super quiet – super laid back island with a great deal of character and potential. My family comes from the area known as Over Back. Due to the rise in tourism and job availability most residents now live in Provo.


Even though Provo may have more going on, Grand Turk will always have my heart. That place can do no wrong in my mind! As soon as I stepped off the plane I just wanted to kiss the ground. I saw that the cruise ship was in so I went and took a stroll around Margaritaville to look for a few gifts. I was shocked to see all the lovely upgrades since my last visit. 


After my touristy moment I went Over Back to visit family and opted to steal my little ones and head to the beach. I couldn’t leave without indulging in GT waters. Grand Turk has that hypnotizing water that makes you want to dive in even if your aqua-phobic. I had a great time with my munchkins and got a mean tan in the process. I freshened up and headed to my aunties house to catch up with more family and of course eat her delicious Sunday dinner. About an hour later I was on a flight back to Provo. I was glad I made the trip and had finally felt like my travels were officially complete…it was $90 well spent on priceless moments.