Business & Pleasure


What a day! It was absolutely delightful. I think this was heavily due to the fact that I was surrounded by so much family. It was a wonderful day filled with business and pleasure. My morning started off solo as I ate breakfast and soaked up Wi-Fi at Green Bean Cafe. I then drove over to LIME to link up with the owner of Konk Apparel to get my latest TCI gear; to my surprise DJ shakes was on site blasting plenty tunes and making me want to buss a quick wine… but I had to behave. After that, it was nonstop family interaction. I slept a great deal during the week so being out and amongst more than 2 people was definitely a treat. I had finally felt as though my trip was complete lol. There’s nothing like good conversation, baby snuggles and food related errands to brighten my day! Shout out to Rosie’s Bakery…my new bread spot!


Love and Kisses from Turks and Caicos!


…Sha Sha signing out nice