Carnival Spotlight - Trinidad & Tobago

While Trinidad is probably the most expensive carnival experience, it is a MUST, especially if you’ve never gone. I think every carnival-loving human needs to make an appearance in sweet, sweet T&T at least once. But, I beg of thee… please save your pennies and plan in advance. You haven’t experienced a real fete until you touch down in Trinidad. I guarantee that your soul will leave filled, your liver will be happy and your hands will be full of unexpected trinkets. You get your monies worth in this country. Let’s not even talk about the mas bands. Yes, you’ll likely be paying 4-digits to play mas, but remember that it includes TWO full days on the road and they feed you well. Your goodie bag is going to be out of this world as well depending on which band you choose. Once you’ve gotten your first taste of Trinidad you can scale down your line-up accordingly for your return trip(s). Once you get a taste, it’s hard to stay away.