Here’s a short video that captures my Friday and Saturday fete line-up in Jamaica.



Candy Coated Cruise was my favorite fete for the season, HANDS DOWN. I’ve said it time and time again that Candace can always get my money. She is one entrepreneur that has been consistent with her brand; the quality that she and her team puts down is always top notch. It’s the little things that please me when it comes to fetes. An organized line for getting on the boat was the first thing that put my mind at ease. It was the complete opposite from the night before when I attended Afloat. The whole experience was different and it was the SAME boat. From the décor, the cups, the non-stop yummy food, the quality DJ’s and the people, I was in Fete Heaven. Did I mention the food?! Thank you Candace!


I rested after CCC and prepared my t-shirt ensemble for Caesar’s Army A.M. Bush. This year I decided to take the Scotch Krew bus to the event for maximum bacchanal and zero adulting responsibilities. The buses were fresh, the Johnnie Walker and Rum Punch were flowing and we had a memorable time riding to and from A.M. Bush. Shout out to Money Bags and company for excellent organization and follow through!


My favorite part of every A.M.Bush is when the sun starts to come up and you can actually see all that’s taking place. I was a bit saddened that the Bunji performance occurred when we had already reached the food stations, but, I wasn’t traumatized by it. Overall, I had a great time with the crew but I will likely skip A.M. Bush JA in the future. Candace, please tell your husband to move Bacchanal Road JA to Ochi LOL! THAT, is one Caesar’s Army event I need in my life. Nothing like a free-up-daytime experience on the road with no costume pressha.


I don’t have much to share about Bazodee. It’s a great event, especially if you love your belly like I do. The food is always phenomenal (that curry goat was changing and saving LIVES!) and I’ve never had to wait more than 30 seconds for a drink. Kes consistently performs his handsome butt off and the crowd ALWAYS has a wonderful time. Biggup yuhself Frenchmen!


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Do you like the chunes in the video?! The songs can be found here:


Yeah Yeah by Aidonia: https://youtu.be/YAfoh46RYNY

Dweey by Ding Dong: https://youtu.be/XJf8JhpB27s

Go Dung by Kes & Major Lazer: https://youtu.be/105yegePftA