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Carnival Recovery Soup Recipe


I try not to leave for any carnival related trip without having at least one container of my Carnival Recovery Soup in the freezer. For some reason, there is always a need for it upon my return. The first tingle of a throat scratch and I’m grabbing one to defrost and indulge in with a cup of Jay’s Special Tea (recipe coming soon). Progresso and Campbell’s ain’t got nothing on this…trust and believe. Let the canned soup go people! The recipe is below followed by a number of important notes. Make sure you read everything before proceeding. 



T’ingz to Note!


The Chicken

I try my hardest to find boneless and skinless chicken thighs. Ain’t nobody got time to be doing all of that manually! If you’d like, you can use breast meat as well; however, it gets too dry for my liking which is why I prefer thighs. 


My absolute favorite thing to do when making this soup is using the last scrapings of my baked chicken. So much chicken tends to get wasted after all the popular pieces have been consumed. So, if you happen to bake a whole chicken one day, save the body, toss it in a pot of boiling water and let the rest of the meat fall off. The seasoning from the chicken will flow into the water and taste extra nice.  Then proceed with steps 3 – 7. 


The Dill Weed

Don’t OD on the dill weed please. While it smells great, putting too much can ruin the taste. Add it little by little. 


The Bouillion

Bouillion is essentially dried chicken broth. How much bouillion you add depends on how much water you have in your pot. Just like the dill weed, add bouillion in small amounts and taste the broth before adding more. Most people are familiar with bouillion cubes, I prefer to use bouillion powder so that I have more control over the amounts. 


The Greens

I’m obsessed with spinach, so it’s my absolute favorite to put into this soup. Kale works great with it as well. Just be sure to chop the kale first so that you’re not scooping obnoxiously large pieces into your mouth.  


The Starch 

I’ve made this soup with so many different grains and they’ve all come out great. Rice is a classic, but barley, quinoa, and noodles are also quite tasty. If you’re feeling super Caribbean throw in some dumplings to make it even more hearty.


Give this tasty t’ingz recipe a try and let me know how it turned out by commenting below! Thanks for tuning in!