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The Power of the Bands

If you think this post is a bout mas bands think again. We’re talking wristbands today baby! Have you ever wondered why carnival junkies have stacks of wrist bands on their arm? Better yet, have you ever asked someone why their wearing the SAME wristbands weeks after the trip? I used to be that confused person. …


Group Planning: No Easy Task!

  People don’t know how much time and effort goes into group planning until they have to do it themselves. Once you are planning for people other than yourself you officially have a group, even if it’s just one other person.    I have joined forces with my fellow blogger Crista from bahamianista.com for this …


Do I Really Need to Play Mas?

That is the staggering question…   For 2016 I have mentally committed to going to Trinidad Carnival again. Do I have a flight yet? NOPE! But it’s gonna happen trust and believe. I mean, it’s my birthday weekend people! I must turn up correctly lol! If I learned anything last year as a TNT neophyte, …


Where’s the Chocolate?

  Is there a shortage of dark skin women in Trinidad? I’m just curious because yet another band launch has popped off and there isn’t one sighting of a little dark chocolate…again. If there is, someone please tag me to shut me up. The truth is I’ve seen very few chocolate models period and I just want to …


Hollywood Carnival Recap 2015

Welcome to Sha’s Blog! Recaps, reviews, rants and more… Hey Everyone!   I’ve changed things up a bit this time around because I simply could not put all my thoughts about Hollywood Carnival in writing. Check out my very first Blog Video…but don’t be too hard on a gyal! I promise the next one will …


Candy Coated Wine Down Island!

I know I can be a bit long winded sometimes so this here is the condensed, condensed, condensed version..but it’s still kinda long (sorry)! If you want the full Tobago report which includes the Hertz and Tropikist drama I’ll send it to you lol. This is strictly my recap of the Candy Coated Wine Down …