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Ep. 16 Ubersoca Cruise Over the Years

No long talk this time around. The episode practically speaks for itself. For all t’ingz Ubersoca Cruise CLICK HERE. You’ll find all my recap and preparation videos/blog posts all in one handy location. Enjoy! In this episode we cover: The Ubersoca Cruise concept The evolution of the cruise over the past 4 years The drama …

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Ep. 12: Life During Rona

The New Normal In this episode we discuss: What I’ve been up to during these isolated times My feelings regarding the postponed carnivals The benefits of isolation Worry warts vs. realists Information junkies vs. need to know hermits Suggestions on how to entertain yourself while isolated New music releases Podcast recommendations Home workout resources Online …


First Date Gone Wrong

  OMG I just heard theeeee worse first “date” story! What is wrong with some of these men in 2015? I normally don’t post about dating and relationships but I need to tell you all what happened to my homegirl. Fellas listen up!   My friend was approached by a guy on the street and …


Pillow Thoughts 8.6.15

Starting Something New…     This is just a quick share as I speak from personal experience. This is no way a bash towards any person or business, it’s just candid advice for anyone open minded enough to receive it. I write this out of love because at the end of the day I want …


8 Hours in Heaven

There’s nothing better than spending 8 hours with family on your old stomping grounds. I had the pleasure of flying over to Grand Turk to see the rest of my family. Grand Turk is the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s a super quiet – super laid back island with a great deal …