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Chicken Souse and Johnny Cake Recipe

Chicken Souse and Johnny Cake

Chicken Souse and Johnny Cake is a staple Turks and Caicos dish. It’s also very popular in the Bahamas (although they usually add potatoes to their recipe). Souse is a soup-like dish with a pickled taste (because of the vinegar) that can be made with all kinds of meat; I prefer to use chicken wing pieces. Save the pig foot, cow ears and all the rest of the variations for somebody else. I don’t want it!

Me warding off the “weird” souse options

If you know about the greatness of chicken souse…you just know. I’m not gonna go on a long rant about it because I already did that in the video LOL. It pretty much sums everything up for you lol. I will however say these quick things before proceeding:

  • I’m sure there are many variations to making souse, but this recipe shows you how I (me, myself and I) prepare the dish
  • You already know island people don’t really measure like that, but I did my best and came up with these rough measurements
  • I use black pepper, seasoning salt, complete seasoning and garlic powder to season my chicken/water (use what you prefer)
  • I prefer to brine my chicken overnight in salt, then do the first boil in seasoned water
  • The purpose of the first boil is to remove the grease that comes from the meat
  • If you don’t like whole allspice (a.k.a. Reggae Balls) you can substitute them for ground allspice (but you’ll have to figure out the appropriate amount to use on your own because i’ve never used it for souse)
  • As always, start light when adding ingredients so that you don’t over season your dish (you can always add but never take away)
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Enjoy the video and please leave a comment with any questions or positive feedback. Click on images below to access video via my YouTube Channel.

Turks and Caicos Johnny Cake
See video for instructions
Turks and Caicos Chicken Souse

Happy cooking!

~ Sha