Dear DJs!


Dear DJs,


We the people of the Caribbean bacchanalist community are TIYAAAD! We’re not asking for much and all of you are more than capable of fulfilling our needs. Hear our grievances. Challenge yourselves. Become our favorites once again. Don’t be the victim of continuous side eyes and vacant dance floors. 


Put These Songs in the Vault

Carnival by Destra/Machel

Jump by Rupee

Palance by JW & Blaze

Duckin’ by Fadda Fox

Bonnie & Clyde by Destra 

Split in De Middle by Freezy


Take These Songs Out the Vault

All Preedy Tunes

All Tian Wynter tunes 

Brace and Wine by Alison Hinds 

Turbo Charge by Squeeze Head

Duracell by Skinny Fabulous

WD (40) by New Chain ft. Mr. Killa

Good Morning by Marcus 

Jouvert Morning by Young Voice 

Dip and Ride by Destra

Chocolate and Vanilla by Alison 

M.O.R. By Machel 

Hands Up and Roll by Blood & Mikey

Jones and Wukkup by Lil Rick

Condense by Porgie and Murdah

Boat by Fadda Fox 

Push Yuh Bumper by Machel

Tusty by Blaxx

In the Middle of De Road by Krosfyah

Ramajay by Machel

Bend Over by Big Red

In Your Eyes by Erphaan Alves

Bucket by Swappi 

Cyah Bother We by Lil Rick/Benjai

25/8 by Lyrikal

Tempa Wine by Patrice/Machel

Fighter by Maximus Dan

Till Morning by Lil Rick


Friends, if you have songs to add to this list please drop them in the comments below. We need to get our voices heard LOL! 


As always, thanks for tuning in!


xoxoxo Sha