Dear Feters! 8 Things You Need to STOP Doing on the Fete Scene


DJs and promoters can’t take all the blame when fetes don’t turn out the way we’d hoped. Feters have to be accountable for their actions as well. Click the image above to watch the footage and hear about some of the things that you can STOP doing at fetes to make them more enjoyable for all involved.  I’ve also included some light tips at the end as well. 


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Dear Feters,



The time has come for you to do better. Some of you do an excellent job before, during and after fete experiences; However, others struggle time-after-time to be considerate and conduct themselves in a fete-worthy-respectable manner. In this video you will learn exactly what frustrates me and other feters in hopes that this information will aid you in making better decisions in the future. We want to fete with you in unity; however, if you do not change your ways, we will continue to give you side-eyes and judge you at future events. 




The Fed-Up Feters