Dear Promoters!

If you’ve been following me on social media then you know that I’ve been in hibernation mode for quite some time. I work hard for my two pennies and have no desire to squander it away on events that aren’t worth my while. When promoters (especially those in the NYC area) start to present quality for the cost of entry then (and only then) will come out of hiding; otherwise, you can find me in my bed in New Jersey for most of the year. #SaveMoneyForFlights #RoadTripFetesAreBess


For those if you who continue to provide excellence and create amazing feting experiences…we say THANK YOU! The rest of you, please listen up….

Dear Promoters,


The time has come for us feters to unleash our grievances regarding the events that many of you host. Some of you do an excellent job catering to our needs and expectations. However, others struggle time-after-time to deliver a quality feting experience. In this video you will learn exactly what frustrates us in hopes that this information will aid in your future planning. We want to support you; however, we will not continue to do so if your events continue to be mediocre. Please do better. 




The Fed-Up Feters