DIY Carnival!


Have you ever wanted to bypass the hassle of buying something and just make it yourself? I have. That very desire is what started me on my DIY journey. If you’re like me, you’ve probably done some research trying to find “How To” tutorials on various costume pieces. Unfortunately, you may have also found out that those tutorials are practically non-existent. Many costume designers are tight-lipped about their craft and unwilling to share information for fear of losing business and/or being copied. But here’s my rationale: as long as you’re not making an exact replica of someone else’s creation and trying to pass it off as your own, there should be no issue. As we all should have learned in English class, plagiarism is the devil… ALWAYS cite your sources.


Let me write this next sentence for you bold and clear. THE DIY LIFE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It takes a certain level of patience, creativity, skill and determination. Therefore, fellow designers do not fret; business isn’t going anywhere.


Here are a few reasons why designers don’t need to get their bikinis in a bunch:

  • Not everyone has time to DIY.

  • Not everyone WANTS to DIY. Some people would rather pay the money and have it done for them.

  • Not everyone has the creativity. They literally don’t have it in them.

  • Not everyone has the skill set to physically create the design for themself.

Thus, designers, you are still needed in the world!

Now that I’ve put in so many years on DIY scene, I think it’s time to start sharing the wealth. I’m happy to announce that today marks the beginning of the T’ingz Nice DIY Carnival Series. Interested? Head on over to YouTube and Subscribe to my page. I’m kicking off this series with the first course entitled, “Tools of the Trade.” In the right side panel under “Documents” you will see a file called “Tools of the Trade Checklist”; use this to help you on your shopping journey! I hope you’re as excited as I am!


Let’s Get Cute Together! The video below is only 5 minutes long.






Clearly I’ve been watching too much Olympics lol




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