Do I Really Need to Play Mas?

That is the staggering question…


For 2016 I have mentally committed to going to Trinidad Carnival again. Do I have a flight yet? NOPE! But it’s gonna happen trust and believe. I mean, it’s my birthday weekend people! I must turn up correctly lol! If I learned anything last year as a TNT neophyte, it’s that people in sweet sweet TNT know how to partayyyy! Due to the high costs of costumes I initially decided to stay in the fete zone. This meant, no mas for me. But, as conversations deepened over the past few days, my lust to wear a beautiful costume grew and I found myself re-evaluating my no mas decision.


Carnival Tuesday on the road with YUMA in the most inexpensive costume “Pompeii”.

Photo Courtesy of Bajan Tube 


Do I want to save $645 plus dollars absolutely. Do I want to miss out on the road experience? Absolutely NOT. I pondered the idea of designing my own Monday wear and storm my friends bands along the way, but I wasn’t quite set on that option. So what was a girl to do? It was time for me to pull out my comparison lists:


Pro’s of Not Playing Mas

– No band launch stalking or registration frustration

– Save $645 plus dollars

– No fretting about getting the wrong costume size

– No costume pick up = more time for partying, liming or relaxing

– No need to chase down the band when you’re running late

– Eat what you want instead of what is provided

– Freedom to flow and move at your own pace

– Stand out in an original costume and simultaneously promote your brand.

– No financial regret!



Pro’s of Playing Mas

– Let someone else design your costume

– All inclusive wristband for drinks and food

– Avoid getting kicked out of the band by security

– The unity that comes from being in a section/band



Well, there aren’t as many perks to playing mas as I thought. Now that I’ve weighed my options I do believe I will stick to the original plan and chip in de road in a T’ingz Nice original. I look forward to dancing in the streets and bumping into familiar faces along the way. Let’s not forget all the new friends I’ll meet on the road. Now that I’ve made up my mind I think I’ll put my saved money to work and book Jamaica Carnival 2016…where I will definitely be playing mas!