Fete Spouses & Nosey Souls

For clarity-sake, let’s start off with a definition:

Fete Spouse (FS): A person with whom you have great chemistry on the dance floor. You may or may not be physically attracted to this person but your vibes match and you have a splendiferous time feting together. People often assume that you and this individual are an item.

Now, I don’t know about you, but there are a couple individuals whom I have the pleasure of calling a Fete Spouse (all my husband’s know who they are). Yes, I have more than one LOL!


How Do These Faux-lationships Form?

Well, it usually happens organically. That first dance signifies everything. I’za gyal that typically prefers to wine alone unless there is a worthy companion who can keep up. My current Fete Husband’s have impressed me beyond measure by matching my wine and reading my mind (you see what I did there). Somehow they just know when to dip, lean to the side and cock up a leg or two during rather unconventional moments. Our movements are so smooth they look like a choreographed routine and the next thing we know, there is an audience (insert creepy emoji eyes LOL). 

What’s So Great About Having a Fete Spouse?

There’s no greater feeling than knowing you have a quality wine nearby especially when you’ve already experienced a number of “one-and-done’s”. Fete Spouses are also “raggamuffin-blockers”; if you’re not interested in someone that tries to holler, your FS will always come through in the clutch. 

What are the Disadvantages of Having a Fete Spouse?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Allyuh know the carnival scene rhell small. Allyuh also know that most West Indian people are nosey as rasss. People business cyah be there own. Half the time there isn’t even any business to tell, but they will make up a story eh! 

So, if you’re in an actual relationship with someone else and a bad mind person sees you carrying on wotless with your FS, you may be in for some drama. This is definitely a disadvantage if you and your REAL mate aren’t on the same page when it comes to feting. WOMP WOMP. 

So why am I writing this?

It’s simple. I’m tired of seeing Fete Spouse relationships being misconstrued. I just want people to be more open-minded in 2018 and beyond. My desire is for folks to stop assuming that there is something behind every SWEET wine. Stop maccoing the movements of others and refrain from attempting to put the puzzle pieces of someone else’s life together. If it doesn’t impact your life in ANY way then please, please, GO SOH!! 

Okay. Rant done. Sorry (not sorry).

Sometimes real relationships do form between Fete Spouses; however, it’ doesn’t seem to be super common. What I love about the carnival culture is that a man and woman can meet, become great friends and that be that… nothing more, nothing less. I’ve come to realize that it’s very difficult for some people to accept platonic feting relationships. Of course there is usually a reason behind their actions but I shan’t get into that right now (insert side-eye). 

So friends, if you’ve fallen victim to the Nosey Souls, all I have to say is stay strong and ignore the bologna (buh-lowg-nuh). YOU know what’s happening in your life and that is all that matters. Always be the bigger person and don’t fall into the drama trap! LOL. #DontBePetty

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