First Date Gone Wrong


OMG I just heard theeeee worse first “date” story! What is wrong with some of these men in 2015? I normally don’t post about dating and relationships but I need to tell you all what happened to my homegirl. Fellas listen up!


My friend was approached by a guy on the street and although he was not her “type” she still opted to give him a chance. She only shared Facebook information with him and nothing more. I personally think this was a smart move on her end. This method makes for easy deletions and blockage if things go awry. Fast forward to the date about 2 weeks later. She pulls up to his house and he hops in. Apparently his car was out of commission which is why she did the driving. 


Here’s what happened:


Homegirl: “Hey, so where are we headed”?

Guy: “Where do you want to go”?


So “way-min-bruhhhh” you don’t have a plan?!!! Weren’t you the one who asked my friend out?


Tip #1: Bruh! Get your life together! Those two weeks that passed by should have been used to find out what she likes to do, the kinds of food she likes to eat etc. This would aid you in planning that first date accordingly. But since you didn’t do that now we gotta sit here in the car and discuss potential options. Big no-no.


Homegirl: You don’t have a plan?

Guy: Let’s go to a restaurant.

Homegirl: Which one?

Guy: Wherever you want


Seriously dude? This is such a turn off!


Tip #2: Take some initiative. Take charge and make the decisions. This is your time to shine and show her what you’ve got. I personally love when men do this. I don’t want to “think” all the time. I want to sit back and see how you go about things.


Homegirl: You know, you’re really not doing a good job as far as impressing me for our first date.

Guy: I see. By the way, who’s paying?


Whehhht?! What you mean who’s paying! Boo boo! You asked me on this date therefore it is your responsibility to pay for dinner. As Cliff Huxtable once said “THAT’S THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD”!


Tip #3: You ask, you pay. It’s as simple as that. If I invite a guy somewhere then I will pick up the tab. Otherwise, it’s on them.  


Homegirl: Excuse me?

Guy: Remember I told you I didn’t have a job? So I thought you would understand that I needed you to pay.

Homegirl: No, I’m not paying. Did you not catch the part where I told you I just lost my job as well?

Guy: Yeah but I figured you would find some way to come up with the money.  

Homegirl: No, this is just not going to happen.

Guy: I really messed up didn’t I?

Homegirl: Yeah, yeah, you did. For future reference, this is not the way that you are supposed to treat a lady. I’m sure you’ve had people teach you that.

Guy: Well I don’t get what the big deal is.

Homegirl: Seriously? YOU asked me out on a date, the FIRST date to be exact, and you are asking me to pay for it. You don’t see a problem here?

Guy: So you’re saying you would have paid if we went out more than once? 


I’m DONE! Throws up hands! Who is this guy?!!! Get his tail out the car ASAP! This is INSANE!


Short story turned shorter, they pulled off at 9:02PM and she had him back in front of his crib by 9:05PM. THANK YOU! Ain’t nobody got time for dat. I’m so glad she didn’t go through with that. Enough time has been wasted. Apparently he was 25. Clearly he needs some more years of experience under his belt before dealing with someone a little older. I’m gonna blame this one on age. Although, there are some young men I know who wouldn’t dare behave in such a manner.


So tell me, was my friend wrong for dropping him back home? LOL. What would you have done?