Getting Carnival Fit


This is a tough love blog post. I am not a health professional nor am I trying to be. The information provided in this article is strictly common sense. I’m sharing tips that many of you are probably already aware of, but prefer to ignore for whatever reason.



Whenever there’s a carnival approaching you can bet money that there will be someone rushing to get fit in time for their big trip. My question is,“Why are we doing this people?!” Why stress your body out temporarily when you can put in consistent work over time and have a carnival-ready body every day? It’s a lot harder to whip a body into shape that’s been deeply neglected than it is to tighten up a body that’s missed a few gym sessions here and there.


Carnival is a lifestyle my friends. Fitness should be a part of that lifestyle if you’re really bout it, bout it. Uuhnnnnn (in my Master P. voice). All of us should have an idea of how our body operates. Find a system that works for you and stick with it.


I ranted about this on IG a few weeks ago with the following post. Watch the video for more of my rant. Please, let’s all do better.



Suggested Instagram Pages


The beautiful thing about Instagram is that you can save your favorite posts. I have a collection on IG called “exercises” that I save all my favorite fitness posts to. When I’m stuck on what to do at the gym, I refer to my collection for inspiration and ideas:







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