Group Planning: No Easy Task!


People don’t know how much time and effort goes into group planning until they have to do it themselves. Once you are planning for people other than yourself you officially have a group, even if it’s just one other person. 


I have joined forces with my fellow blogger Crista from bahamianista.com for this special post. We introduce you to six interesting personalities that we often come across in our planning. In addition, we have provided a downloadable document for you to use in your future group planning escapades.  


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In light of the carnival preparations that are taking place AS WE SPEAK I think it’s only appropriate to shed some light on the woes of group planning.


I was thrilled to find out through my blogging explorations that I’m not the only travel addict who despises this task. So, for this special topic I had to pull in fellow blogger and carnival junkie Crista aka Ms. Bahamianista! 


 In one of her recent posts, Crista expressed her mutual dislike for planning trips for other people. When I saw that I immediately knew we needed to join blogging forces. 


I’ve been planning group trips since my first visit to Crop Over in 2010 and I’ll admit its pretty addicting. Crista when did you start?


Crista: It had to be around the same time. The first time I went to Miami Carnival was 2009/2010 and there were a group of us. Over the years I’ve taken the lead in certain things and eventually I took over because I like to pay attention to details. The responsibility keeps on getting bigger and bigger and bigger every year.


Shamair: Group trips are amazing; but, the amount of work that it takes to make them happen is no fun and games. So we opted to collaborate to give you the behind the scenes scoop on our group planning experiences. This will EITHER 1. Help you prepare for your upcoming group trips 2. Remind you of why you need to stay away from planning group trips and lean on other resources. 3. We hope that this will give the non planners an opportunity to appreciate what their group leaders go through to make these trips happen.


Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to plan. I personaly like to take the lead for multiple reasons; the main reason is because I want to ensure that there are suitable living accommodations that match my standards and my bank account. I personally can’t take up residence anywhere and thus I cannot trust that other individuals will select suitable living quarters in an ideal location for a decent price. I also like to be in “the know”; I really don’t like having to ask a lot of questions. Crista, what’s your motivation for taking point on group trips?


Crista: Lol I’m a control freak and I hate doing things last minute especially carnival planning because it gets so pricey or you lose out on tickets waiting for people to get their “you know what” together. You miss out on fetes, and costumes because things sell out pretty quickly. I know what I want to do and I know when I want to do it by. So it’s either fall in line or get left behind.


Shamair: OMG Can we talk about that though! Ugh “I completely agree”! Over the years, I’ve had to work with a number of interesting individuals whom I have the pleasure of calling friends. Some are easy to work with but others are a pain in the petunia’s. With that being said, Crista  and I wanna introduce you to a few relatable personalities. If you’re a “plannee”, just see which one of these people you identify with the most. If you’re a “planner” sit back and get ready to laugh in agreement LOL.


 Imaging planning for all ah dem! LAWD …thank God for my bestie @aprilstanfordmusic! #cropover2k13 


Group Planning Personalities 


Last Minute Larry

·      Never buys anything on time

·      Always has a disclaimer or excuse 

·      Is likely to purchase the most expensive plane ticket out of everyone

·      Will buy most, if not all his fete tickets at the door 

·      Probably has the most fun out of everyone (he better…he paid enough)

·      Always asking for a bly because he missed the deadline

·      But somehow always get through with a costume or a fete no matter how much sell out …are you Last Minute Larry?!


Out of The Loop Lucy 

·      Has spoiled tendencies 

·      Rarely responds to group messages

·      Asks the same questions whenever she does decide to reply

·      Has no problem making payments

·      Will give you money to pay for it and want you to do all the leg work.

·      Will say “oh I didn’t know” the most during the trip…are you her?


Too Early Errol

·      Always wants to give you his money in advance 

·      Sometimes forgets what he paid you for 

·      Is very picky 

·      Will keep asking you for updates

·      Will know the itinerary better than anyone else


Indecisive Ingrid

·      Never has an answer for anything 

·      Prefers to go with the majority to avoid making a decision 

·      Will be the one to say “I knew we should have done that instead” several times during the trip 

·      Will be the first to throw blame when and if something goes wrong 


No Show Nolan

·      Is the first person to express interest in the trip and the only one that doesn’t show

·      Can’t hear from him, find him, not even smell him when money is due

·      Will be the one to say “take a whine for me guys, I’ll be there next year”! (No he won’t).


Obedient Dee Dee

·      follows instructions to a tee

·      Only asks questions that haven’t been addressed.

·      Steps in to answer questions so others don’t get cut eye from the planner

·      Serves as the planners “co-signer” when they are accused of not doing something. 

·      Is a rare breed. {a God send, a planners right hand}


Shamair: We know you recognized somebody in dat group, but front if you want to. Bottom line we just want you to know dat group planning isn’t easy especially when you have a mix of personalities like this. It takes a certain level of organization, common sense, responsibility and sanity to pull this off.


 This wasn’t even the whole crew! #ForedayMorning2k13 #CropOver



We leave you with a few Quick Tips just in case you want to step into the planner seat one day… 


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