How to Cover Carnival Boots



So, you’ve accomplished the very difficult task of picking a costume. You even took it a step further and paid your deposit. Now that you’ve committed to this beautiful masterpiece it’s time for you to accessorize!


I’m happy to present to you another episode from the T’ingz Nice DIY Carnival Series. Never wear a boring pair of Carnival boots ever again! Learn “How to Cover Boots” in my latest video tutorial below. This will only take up four minutes and fifty-nine seconds of your life. Enjoy!


P.s. Please excuse my flannel pajamas; I was a tad under the weather at the time of recording. 


Tips for a Successful Boot Designing Session:

Covering your boots is the easy part; however, Phase II of the design process can be more mind-boggling and labor intensive. Here are 5 tips for a successful boot designing session:


  1. Have a vision and a plan.

  2. Make sure you have all your materials on hand.

  3. Clean and cover the bottom of worn boots with painters tape before you start.

  4. Work both boots at the same time.

  5. Take creative breaks when you get stuck.

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Remember, carnival is always around the corner …