How to Prepare for Jouvert

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Jouvert can be soooooooo MAGICAL! I’m not sure what makes it this way, but; in case you’re not familiar with Jouvert, here is an excerpt from my Frequently Asked Carnival Questions article:


What is Jouvert?

Jouvert is a lively parade held early in the morning where participants get “dutty” on the road with paint, powder, mudd, chocolate, water and oil in some cases. Participants follow big trucks and dance to music as they get drenched in the elements.

There are also jouvert-style parties that take place at a venue as opposed to following a truck on a designated route.


Jouvert is a great place to wear the clothes you no longer care about. It’s an opportunity to get silly and bring out your inner fool. There are no fashion faux pas here! No one will judge you, but they will laugh!

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to designate a pair of shoes that I’m willing to sacrifice for jouvert. However, the usual victims are old carnival boots that have started talking, water shoes or worst case scenario, $5.00 kicks from Walmart. I like boots because I tuck a lot of things down in them which eliminates the need for a backpack or fanny-pack. In my opinion, you really shouldn’t be buying anything to wear to jouvert unless you’re purposely trying to be HEXTRA…and that’s okay LOL!

The jouvert band you play with usually provides you with a number of essentials to get you through the event. But, you still have to do some of your own leg work. I’ve provided a downloadable Jouvert Planning Guide to help you get through.

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