How to Tie a Wire Bra



Hey Friends!


I’m back with a more secure way to tie wire bra’s. Shout out to the homie @Geswanders for showing me this gem of a method during Miami Carnival.


In the video you will see that I’m tying this bra without assistance; however, an extra set of hands is always beneficial, especially if you’ve never worn a wire Bra. Be sure to check out my Wire Bra Basics article for in depth information. 


I am demonstrating how to tie wire bra’s that have bottom loops already installed and ones that don’t. I rarely put the bottom loops on my wire bra designs so if you purchase a bra form me in the future please hold tight to this link.


FYI in order to achieve this method you’ll need two strings that are extra long in length. They’ll need to be long enough to wrap around your neck and across your back. Enjoy!

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