Podcast News!

Happy August beloved readers! Whenever Autumn tip toes in my direction it signifies that the T’ingz Nice podcasting season will be wrapping up. Instead of editing audio and publishing show notes, the Fall season gives me an opportunity to focus on interviewing new guests and conceptualizing various ways to broaden our listenership. 

Don’t fret, you still have one more podcast episode to listen to before season 4 is locked off. I’ll be spilling all the tea about my experience in Barbados and Antigua after I get back in mid-August. 

While the podcast is on pause, these newsletters (along with my YouTube content) will be around to keep you company until season 5 launches on January 1, 2024.

The Return to YouTube

Speaking of YouTube, be sure to check out my latest videos below. That’s right, I’ve made a dedicated come back to YouTube after being brainwashed by the Instagram committee. I didn’t realize how much I missed recording YouTube vlogs. The return to vlogging also helped me realize the amount of unnecessary pressure I was putting on myself to create. Thankfully, the topics have been flowing, and bulk recording has proven (once again) to be a productivity gem.

Stay tuned for my upcoming vlog showcasing behind the scenes footage of me actually preparing for my travels to Crop Over and Antigua Carnival. 

Carnival is calling me and I’m so ready to answer! After months and months of planning, my Crop Over and Antigua Carnival trips are finally set and the dates are quickly approaching. But I’ll be honest, it’s been a planning rollercoaster LOL. Tune in to hear how things are going!

The way I’m tired of these Caribbean carnivals being watered down! An uncut rant for all yuh. Can we please keep the conversation going so that we can get our culture back. Please ah beg. Sound off in the comments if you’re ready for change!

All About the T.N. Socials...

The world wants us to believe that we MUST keep up with trends and register with every social media platform that exists. While many business owners and content creators NEED to be consistently visible on multiple platforms for revenue purposes, that is simply NOT the case for me at this moment. I have constantly had to remind myself that T’ingz Nice is, and has always been my joy project. It’s my escape from adulting – my creative oasis if you will. The moment I forget that, is the moment the creative blocks make their way into my life. 

After a much needed reality check, I’ve devised a stress-free social media strategy that seems to be working thus far. My social pages have been re-organized to help visitors and community members navigate my content a little better. Here’s a helpful breakdown of each TN social media account:

Instagram has been my happy place and comfort zone since 2012. It’s the second hub for all T’ingz Nice outside of the actual website. It’s the place where you get all of me!

My YouTube channel is the visual co-pilot to the Podcast. It’s your go-to spot for all my travel vlogs and lengthy costume reviews. So much timeless content on there.

The T’ingz Nice Podcast is a healthy resource for in depth travel recaps, and cultural content – with a heavy focus on  Caribbean carnival info. 

TikTok is the dedicated home for all my DIY tutorials and behind the scenes handmade work. It pairs well with my portfolio page and IG broadcast channel.

Crop Over & Antigua Carnival Fete List 2023

Fete List

I am so ready to arrive it’s not even funny. Most of the events on this list are brand new to me, so I’m going in with blinders on. The only expectations I have for this trip are to have fun, and find time to lay back and enjoy the blessings of life.

If you’re headed to any of these events for Crop Over or Antigua Carnival…look fuh me!