Niceness Newsletter Issue 3: Volume 2

Theme of the Month – June 2021

Evaluate | Prioritize | Grind

Hello June

Happy June love bugs! I enjoy bringing in a new month because it’s a nice way to implement new goals and keep myself in check. My theme for this month is EPG which is an acronym I created that stands for Evaluate | Prioritize | Grind. Here’s how I’m tackling each task:

Evaluate: I’m doing a hardcore assessment on what is absolutely necessary and what is absolutely not worth it. 

Prioritize: I’m making two sharp lists. One will include all the things that I deem worthy of my time and energy, with a heavy focus on a balanced and happy lifestyle. The second list will include items that will not be getting my attention.

Grind: School’s out for the summer which means my ed-administrator life is more laid back, leaving room for me to manage my own brand, work with clients, and level up my skills before the school year begins. With all the plans I have there is no time for lollygagging.   

Have you intentionally established your goals for June? It’s not too late!

The Return of Fete Life!

I listened to some soca mixes recently and found myself forgetting the words to staple songs…BLASPHEMY! SocaJukeBox can’t be up here forgetting lyrics! Needless to say I’m ready to hit the streets with caution. I miss meh people! I miss reveling in meh culture! 

I knew things were getting real when my inbox started getting heavier with fete flyers. I instantly deleted some of them, but there were a few that I stared at long and hard. To think, this time last year the idea of being around people freaked me out. Now, here I am considering jumping back into the fete game. Funny how much things change in a year.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a fete this summer:

  • Spacious outdoor venue
  • Respectable capacity limit (if indoors or on a boat)
  • Table service for food/drinks
  • Live Music (duh)
  • Vaccine cards or negative covid test requirements

The first promotion team to catch my full attention was Shorblu Events. Their BluVino Secret series is EXACTLY the vibe I’m looking for. Additionally, they have never let me down at any of the events I’ve attended. When trusted promoters like this come through with quality I’m all in!  

My Fete Life Interest List:

I’ve always been selective about my fete experiences, and that will never change. Keeping my theme of the month in mind, I definitely plan to evaluate which of these events will get my coins and traveling energy. I’m not trooping all the way from Connecticut for piss-poor experiences. Nah man… we doing this smart! Be on the lookout for yuh girl! Although I still plan to be masked up under certain circumstances lol. #FeteSafely #VaxedWaxedAndSnatched

Bacchanal Road

Hookie Life 2019

Hookie Life

Get Involved with the Podcast Send Off!

We Need Your Voice Notes!

Since it’s graduation season I thought it would be appropriate to engage in a conversation about the state of education in North America. Two fellow ed-professionals joined me for the recording and we spoke about the pressures, expectations and pitfalls of growing up in Black and Caribbean households as teens. We also discussed the many ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the the lives of high school juniors and seniors who are about to head out into the real world. 

Get involved with this episode by sending us a voice note answering the following questions. We’ll feature them when the episode goes live. 

If you don’t have my personal phone number please email your voice note to info@tingznice.com. If you have my digits send your voice note via WhatsApp por favor!

The Questions:

  • Did you pursue your own dreams after high school or did you feel pressure to please your parents/guardians?
  • If you had to do it all over again would you go the same route? What would you change?
  • If you attended college, what was the most beneficial part of the experience?
  • If you went straight into the workforce and bypassed college, share the pros and cons of your experience.
  • If you’re a parent, or plan to have children, is getting a college degree mandatory for your offspring? If your child said they didn’t want to go to college how would you respond?

T'ingz Nice Podcast

The Buy Black Corner…

Root & Hope

I have a thing for accessories. I also have a thing for culture. This is precisely why I love to support Root & Hope, an AfroCaribbean jewelry company stationed in New Jersey. Y’all know I love dirty JERZ! Not only is the owner a talented artist…but she’s a good body gyal from yaad with nuff style! But seriously, if you’re looking for earrings with that natural flava and just the right sprinkle of culcha, Root & Hope is where it’s at! Go check her out and tell she Sha sent you!

Website: www.rootandhope.etsy.com

Root Hope Camo


Root and Hope

Handmade T’ingz!

With Juneteenth around the corner and all the increased awareness surrounding social justice, I was inspired to create a few hardcore statement pieces. All items with exception of the denim products are lightly customizable. Please ensure that you make the proper selections before you checkout as all items are 1) made to order, 2) non-refundable, and 3) unable to be exchanged. If you have questions about our products please do not hesitate to reach out via email at info@tingznice.com or Instagram direct message. Supplies are limited so act fast! 

Please familiarize yourself with our shipping schedule below:

  • Orders placed by Friday June 4th will be shipped on Friday, June 11th
  • All orders placed after June 4th will require at least 1 week processing time, and can expect to be shipped within 2 weeks of ordering

Have a safe and happy June beloveds! I know those mask requirements have gone all the way down but stay woke! COVID-19 is not gone. If you wanna wear your mask go forth! If you wanna be vaxed, waxed and snatched…DWEET! And if you prefer to keep the needle out cho’ arm then let cho’ freedom ring! To each their own, and let the judgment be held within. It’s a great time to be alive and outside! 

Bless up!