Ep. 1 – The 2020 Carnival Forecast w/Global Carnivalist

We’re joined by fellow carnival expert and blogger, Ms. Global Carnivalist who will share details on her annual Global Carnival Calendar, and give insight on the carnival pulse for the new year. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Why Globey started her brand
  • The back story and process for creating her annual Global Carnival Calendar
  • Best carnivals for newbies
  • Our top carnival experiences

Resources mentioned

Global Carnivalist

Connect with Globey
Website: www.globalcarnivalist.com
Instagram: @globalcarnivalist

(2) Comments

  1. I loved this episode! This podcast is such a great idea, the both of your blogs helped me so much, my first Caribbean carnival was Trinidad last year, it was successful trip. I got tired on Candy coated cruise on Sunday but I survived 6 fetes before that. Shared with my friend who is a carnival newbie. I have been told to visit Antigua and those fete prices are attractive.

    1. Sha Dior says:


      Why am I just now seeing this comment. THANK YOU! I appreciate you listening to the podcast and tuning into the blog! I know Globey does too. I love hearing that I’ve helped in some way! Antigua is on my carnival bucket list as well! Be safe!

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