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Ep. 14: Making Carnival Sustainable w/Carnicycle

Episode 14 Cover

The month of April has arrived! Prayerfully, this means that we are closer to the end of this nasty pandemic. With everything taking place in our environment, and the Earthly benefits that this pandemic is having on our planet (i.e. less pollution), I figured it was a great time to talk about sustainability.

Have you ever tossed your costume pieces on the road or given them to a child? Have you taken your costume home only to realize you have no use for it? On this episode of Nice-ish I’m happy to have Dani an Luke, the young and thriving creators of Carnicyle who are dedicated to making carnival sustainable. They collect, clean and donate used carnival costumes.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The origins of Carnicycle
  • Successes and challenges faced by the team
  • The impact on daily life due to Covid-19
  • The future of Carnicycle
  • Ways to help make carnival sustainable on your own

Connect with Carnicycle

Dani and Luke