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Ep. 15: Checking in w/Ms. Hot Sauce

Ep. 15 Cover

There’s nothing like connecting with another busy body boss lady doing the damn thang; as a result, a lit episode is upon us. It was such a pleasure to have Ms. Hot Sauce on Nice-ish. She’s the proud owner of Spark FM, the newest digital radio station to hit the New England airwaves; it’s THE place to go for Urban and Caribbean music. Let me not forget to mention that Hot Sauce is the first black female radio station owner in Boston.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Danielle’s origin story
  • Introducing Spark FM
  • The importance of marketing in business
  • The challenges of a new business venture
  • The impact of Rona on business
  • Our alopecia struggles
  • Wig wearing disasters
  • The future Hot Sauce – T’ingz Nice collaboration

Connect w/ Ms. Hot Sauce