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Ep. 2 – Carnival Newbie Crash Course

Episode 2 Cover Art

This one is for the carnival newbies! Take a listen to this quick crash course on the carnival lifestyle. This episode is one of many; I’ll be launching a few more crash courses in the near future to make sure you’re fully prepared for the beautiful madness that is carnival. If you have any comments or questions after listening, please send me a voice message (yes you read correctly) by clicking HERE. Your message could be featured on an upcoming show! Happy listening!


In this episode we cover:

  • The difference between “fetes” and “limes”
  • Fete types
  • Road basics
  • How to register for a band
  • Tips for selecting and collecting your costume
  • Understanding “Monday Wear”
  • Things to consider when planning
  • Resources for last minute planning
  • Tips for staying afloat

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