Ep. 21 Carnival Crown Revoked: Game #3 with Karlansia

Y’all know what time it is! We’re back with the third installment of Carnival Crown Revoked! This time, I’m joined by Dr. Karlansia M. She’s a fellow Turks and Caicos Islander hailing from the beautiful island of North Caicos. Take a listen and see whether she kept her carnival crown by the end of the show. 

You can listen on your favorite streaming platform or watch the video footage on my YouTube channel!

How to Enter:

If you’re feeling froggy and want to jump at the opportunity to be a contestant, gwan and submit your name to be added to the regular drawings. The next drawing date will be announced in the near future. Just stay plugged in to my social media platforms. Here’s how to enter your name:

  • Send me a DM on Instagram
  • Respond to my sticker question invitation in my IG stories
  • Send me a DM on Twitter
  • Email me with the subject “C.C.R. Interest” and include your IG or Twitter handles. If you don’t have either, your first name and location will suffice i.e. “Shelly Ann from Portmore”

Please, please, please let me know what you think of Carnival Crown Revoked! Shout out to MarlyBeats for the CCR instrumental. Also, as of right now. Me nah giving no prizes! Vibes, jokes and street credit all day!

Nice up!

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