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Ep. 6: Carnival Newbie Crash Course Pt. 2

Episode 6

If you’re ready for more insider “how to” information on carnival then this is the episode for you. Be sure to listen to the first part of the course as well to really get immersed with knowledge. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be a pro before you touch de road!

In this episode we answer the following listener questions:

  • How do you start planning? 
  • How do you know where to stay in each country?
  • How can some of y’all afford carnival year after year? Who’s yall sponsor and how can I sign up lol?
  • How do you convert money? Is it necessary?
  • How do you not overpack? 
  • What costume ordering advice do you have for the fluffies?
  • What are the best shoe options?
  • What should we carry on the road?
  • What can we expect on the road?