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Where’s the Chocolate?

  Is there a shortage of dark skin women in Trinidad? I’m just curious because yet another band launch has popped off and there isn’t one sighting of a little dark chocolate…again. If there is, someone please tag me to shut me up. The truth is I’ve seen very few chocolate models period and I just want to […]

8 Hours in Heaven

There’s nothing better than spending 8 hours with family on your old stomping grounds. I had the pleasure of flying over to Grand Turk to see the rest of my family. Grand Turk is the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s a super quiet – super laid back island with a great deal […]

Support is a Beautiful Thing!

There’s nothing like genuine support and encouragement to keep you motivated. These past two days have been awesome and quite eye opening! I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in me and my abilities….especially those whom I don’t even know. Wow! I crossed paths with Tito the Flag Man this afternoon who had […]

Business & Pleasure

  What a day! It was absolutely delightful. I think this was heavily due to the fact that I was surrounded by so much family. It was a wonderful day filled with business and pleasure. My morning started off solo as I ate breakfast and soaked up Wi-Fi at Green Bean Cafe. I then drove over […]

Hollywood Carnival Recap 2015

Welcome to Sha’s Blog! Recaps, reviews, rants and more… Hey Everyone!   I’ve changed things up a bit this time around because I simply could not put all my thoughts about Hollywood Carnival in writing. Check out my very first Blog Video…but don’t be too hard on a gyal! I promise the next one will […]

The Carnival Melting Pot

    We all have that one friend that complains about absolutely everything. They are usually the same friend who thinks that there is only one way for something to be done. While they unquestionably aggravate the crap out of us, we love them anyway.   Keep that friend in mind and begin to think […]

Is Your Accent Fake?

I’ve been meaning to write a post about fake accents. Now that I’m in international waters I have officially been inspired. I recall being in route to a fete with my very loud and slightly deep crew and I couldn’t help but overhear a young lady say to her friend “oh gosh these fake Jamaican accents […]