Pillow Thoughts 8.6.15

Starting Something New…



This is just a quick share as I speak from personal experience. This is no way a bash towards any person or business, it’s just candid advice for anyone open minded enough to receive it. I write this out of love because at the end of the day I want all entrepreneurs to succeed. So shall I proceed? Yes indeed! 


Whenever introducing something to a large group of people for the very first time you have to come correct. No matter what you do, nothing is going to be perfect, not everyone will be happy and there will always be something that you could have done better. But, you do your best to present quality from the START. Do intense research FIRST and once you are confident that you have all the information and resources you need… then proceed.


Proper planning is crucial…and if you don’t have have a solid plan (with several back up plans) in place then stop, smell the roses, revise and if necessary adjust your timeline. Nobody wants to support a rushed event. 


Be realistic, but I caution you, don’t be overly optimistic. Be logical, and listen to reason…welcome constructive criticism and advice from people who are experienced. Furthermore, get a COMMITTED group of trusted individuals to assist you and go about the proper channels EARLY on. If you find that your team is falling apart, figure out what the common denominator is, re-evaluate and pick up the slack wherever necessary. 


Like we say in the world of education, the children must always be the center of our focus. So whenever planning an event, keep your audience (and their pockets) in mind at all times because it’s really not about you or your organization. It’s about the customer, the paying customer to be exact. Giving your audience information without QUALITY evidence is not going to attract their support. Just because you have something in common with your audience doesn’t mean that their support is going to be automatic; with the economy in the state that it is people are going to be extremely cautious with where they invest their funds. 


Small, well planned, well organized, well attended, QUALITY events are much better than larger events that are poorly put together. When you step on the scene for the first time you’re setting a standard. So if you succeed that first go round then you know you have a solid support system moving forward. However, if you present mediocrity you’re going to have to put in a lot more work to come correct the next time. 


Want more? Feel free to visit last year’s blog post entitled “Carnival Conundrums and Feting Frustrations” for more insights from the carnival junkie veteran perspective. 


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