The T’ingz Nice podcast is in it’s FIFTH season! We’re here to bless you with all the hot topics surrounding Caribbean carnival culture, and the Caribbean-American lifestyle as a whole. Gems are dropped, various perspectives are shared, and unfiltered opinions are always presented. Each episode offers an entertaining yet informative space for those looking for a likkle bit of this, and a sprinkle of that. Anything goes here on the T’ingz Nice podcast.

This season we’re diving deeper into carnival life, giving you the opportunity to peek behind the scenes and into the lives of those who make the magic happen. We have an impressive lineup of industry interviews with some of the most well-known individuals in the Caribbean community. We have executives from Playmas App, Ubersoca Cruise, Industry360, Peeny Wallie Mas and more! And of course you’ll have those one-on-one moments with just me! I really can’t wait to share these episodes with you!


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