Happy February Beloveds!

Y’all know it’s my favorite time of year…my birthday season is officially upon us! In just a few short days #thegreat38 will be at my doorstep, and I cannot wait to celebrate! Granted, this year will look a little different thanks to the pandemic, but my vibes cannot be stopped.

To kick off this beautiful month I’ve asked my self proclaimed lil brutha, the content king, and proud Aquarian @chavdakid to join me on this episode. Chavy is A 26 year old Antiguan content creator who’s mantra “Post Yo Sh*t” drives his daily way of living.

Covered in this episode:

  • Lyrics of the week
  • Secret Handmade T’ingz discount code for listeners
  • The importance of celebrating life
  • Growing into our unapologetic selves
  • Unpopular Aquarius traits that we own 100%
  • The benefits of supporting the success of others
  • How Chav da Kid came to be
  • Recommendations and tips for aspiring content creators


Connect with Chavy!

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The Thank You Corner!

Sending special shout outs to those who assisted with the podcast prep for this episode.

This episode would not have been possible without Chav da Kid…but, I also couldn’t have pressed forth without the participation of some awesome-sauce IG supports. So I’d like to take this time out to thank: 

  • Kenkigalmeets
  • KeepinitGee
  • Natralvzn
  • Sugie1
  • Oxtailandrice
  • Monatmoney
  • Cym.ulacrum
  • YolieNY
  • MsJouvert
  • Monka
  • Huexxviii
  • Niambi