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Tabanca Series: Trinidad Carnival


Carnival season is dearly missed. Under normal circumstances, a bulk of the Caribbean carnival community would have been back home recuperating from a vibe-filled Trinidad carnival experience. BUT…that’s not the case in 2021. Instead, the Trinidad borders remain closed (for good reason), and the best we can do is listen to new soca music, wine in our abodes and relive the precious memories. I’m happy to start this carnival tabanca series off in Trinidad, with Ron…the man behind one of the most notable carnival groups on the Caribbean scene.

Covered in this episode:

  • Tips for traveling to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 1:08
  • Tips for traveling to Aruba 05:27
  • Sha’s Trinidad Carnival virgin story 09:45
  • All about Limin’ Professionalz: The Syndicate (LP:TS) with Ron 14:41
  • The highs and lows of planning a carnival tour group 32:45
  • Ron’s top three Trinidad carnival fetes 39:00
  • Tips for Trinidad carnival newbies 44:38
  • Sha’s 5 ways to conquer Trinidad carnival 01:02:12

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