Soca Wkndr was held in Portugal last year, and it was a much needed getaway for me. The trip was a nice blend of relaxation, tourism and turn up. Press play on this episode if you’re interested in hearing more about this event, and be sure to watch the associated social media pieces that are about to launch. I’m happy to welcome Sir Influential to the T’ingz Nice Podcast for this special episode. He is the host of Soca Wkndr, and he is going to bless you with a whole heap of information about the return to Portugal in 2023. 

Listening Time: 23 Minutes

Special Guest: Sir Influential 

Discussed in this episode:

  • Recap of Soca Wkndr 2022
  • What to expect in 2023
  • Tips for newbies
  • Cost analysis of Soca Wkndr 2022

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The Fancy Dress Party...I was the Last Airbender LOL.

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