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Relocation During Rona

Relocation Cover Art

And I’m back! I don’t know about you, but social media sabbaticals are absolutely necessary for my mental health. If I was just a normal person without brand responsibilities it wouldn’t matter if I went ghost, and I wouldn’t feel a way if I failed to post regularly on my personal account. But, that’s not my life! 

Rona threw a big-ass wrench in everyone’s plans. When she hit, that meant a severe content drought was in my future. So, I needed to take a step back in order to launch forward with style and grace. 

I also stepped back because I was planning a whole move and just couldn’t devote my time and attention to multiple things while being inconvenienced by Rona. It was too much! Thus, social media had to suffer. 

This post may seem a bit more personal than usual, but that’s okay, I think it will be helpful for many. I’m definitely not dishing out any hard core personal information, but I think it’s important for you to have some key background knowledge. Those who know me IRL already know I’m the last person to overshare; being mysterious is more my speed (it’s the Aquarian way). 

Okay, nuff talk, let’s get into it. For full deets watch the videos on IGTV and YouTube.


If you just wanna get to the good stuff see content below

Thoughts that depict why I had to get out of New York City

Deuces NYC!
  • “So, all this trash is here ALL the time?”
  • “Why is rent so high for microscopic living quarters?”
  • “Y’all really want me to move this car everyday? Meanwhile the streets still lookin’ dirty AF! What y’all really need is to conduct sidewalk and MTA deep cleaning IMO”
  • “Y’all got all these buildings but can’t find space for a Walmart? Actually, nah, you’re right cus those prices would also be sky high”
  • “The strategies required to avoid five blocks of homeless people, drug addicts and prostitutes is a bit much”
  • “Y’all really don’t know the definition of personal space eh?”

Reasons why I’ve been against having roommates

Pardon my french…
  • I have too many belongings!
  • I love to be by myself
  • Doing what I want, when I want to is vital
  • Being someone’s roommate requires too much consideration (I know this sounds bad, but the real ones understand)
  • I’m not always in the mood to share (thoughts or things)
  • I have a whole brand and business that I need to maintain.. Shared spaces are restricting as all hell.

I will admit that the main benefit of sharing spaces with others is being able to save a few coins. In almost every situation though, it wasn’t enough for me to stay. My sanity and freedom won each and every time. 

Disadvantages of relocating during Covid-19

  • Unable to find renters willing to give live tours
  • Unable to find functioning post offices or shops for money order transactions
  • Truck rental companies not having trucks available
  • Limited moving assistance 
  • Not having access to my favorite stores (i.e. Home Goods, Burlington)
  • Excessive cleaning (rental truck, apartment, furniture)

Benefits of relocating during my Covid-19 furlough

  • No traffic!
  • No work!
  • No crowds
  • More money saved (since I’m not spending it all on Carnival travels)

Clutch supplies for a smooth and germ-reduced move

Moving Do’s

  • Take inventory of everything you own before gathering supplies
  • Donate any items you no longer need or want
  • Throw away any items that are of no use to anyone
  • Wrap fragile items in clothing instead of purchasing bubble wrap
  • Wrap hung clothes in garment bags
  • Place drawer items and linens in clear Ikea storage bags as opposed to boxes
  • Sanitize the inside of the rental truck
  • Place all items in their designated rooms as you unload
  • Deep clean your new space before bringing in any of your belongings (walls included)
    • Walls
    • Doorknobs and touchpoints
    • Cabinets
    • Appliances
    • Bathroom tub/shower/sink
    • Floors (clean after you’re partially set up
    • Windows
  • Thoroughly clean your furniture
    • Remove pillow and cushion covers and wash (if applicable)
    • Add dryer sheets in the sofa for a little piece of heaven 

I know this all seems like a bit much but I promise it helps. I’ve been complimented on my strategy, and my friends think i’m insane because my new abode was set up in all of 3 days LOL. Sorry peeps, I can’t live out of boxes. I need to be able to enjoy this quarantine life in peace and style. Plus, I love decorating. 

I hope this was helpful friends! Let me know what you think!

Be safe…be well!