Sha’s Golden Oreo Rum Surprise Ice Cream



Time Warp Circa 1994

While growing up in Grand Turk I had the pleasure of indulging in homemade ice cream that my older cousin used to make. One of the key ingredients in the ice cream is salt. Lesson: Turks and Caicos Islands was well known for it’s salt industry many moons ago. Sure, she could have used some good ole Morton’s salt out the box but she preferred the real thing. So, she sent my cousins and I out to the pond to get fresh salt. We were staying in Palm Grove that summer and there just so happened to be a salt pond several feet away from the house. My cousins and I would walk through the pond barefoot (which is not recommended lol); I was always amazed at the bubbling pink areas in the pond, they were so pretty! It was like we were standing in a pot of salty water (weird I know). We each picked up a bunch of rosy pink and white salt crystals and headed back to the house; we always played outside until the ice cream was ready. The downside to this was that our feet would be always be scratched up on the bottom from walking on the crystals barefoot; it didn’t matter because the warm water felt so good and the ice cream would taste even better. It was always worth it!


Slaps self back to reality.


Now here’s my semi-homemade recipe for Golden Oreo Rum Surprise Ice Cream. I had a box of vanilla ice cream that was a bit bland and figured I’d jazz it up a bit so that the ice cream wouldn’t go to waste. I had some Golden Oreo’s around (my fave because I’m not a chocolate fan), and I was feeling a bit creative. There really aren’t any rules to this recipe. You just add what you love. I felt like I was working at Cold Stones for a minute while making this. Here it goes. Have fun!





·      Vanilla Ice Cream

·      Golden Oreo Cookies

·      Coconut Rum of choice (I used Bambarra duh!)

·      Cinnamon

·      Nutmeg

·      Vanilla



·      Smash Oreo cookies with a kitchen mallet or other utensil.

·      Splash coconut rum on cookies (this allows cookies to soften).  But don’t OD!

·      Add ice cream

·      Sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla on ice cream

·      Mix all ingredients thoroughly with two wooden spoons

·      Put the mixture back in the original container and let set for a few hours.


Enjoy de ting!


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