Shhh! The Carnival Experience


Well readers, let me tell you something. Shhh was de place to be! I am so glad I made the right choice. My friend put the ball in my court and made me decide between Shhh and Tan Ta Na. I chose Shhh and we purchased the tickets shortly thereafter. Well, let me tell you, bacchanal was avoided because less than 24 hours later the Tan Ta Na crew announced that the fete had been canceled. We definitely dodged THAT bullet! So let’s talk about this Shhh experience shall we.


De party was scheduled to start at 1:00PM and end at 9:00PM. Since we knew better than to arrive on time, we opted to arrive a couple hours later. We arrived around 4:15PM and luckily found a spot right in front of the venue. We chilled by the car for a bit then headed inside. There were no lines. Once we got to the top level our eyes were mesmerized by beautiful beaded curtains that glistened as they were hit by the rays of sunshine. The rooftop was spacious, colorful and well laid out. We were greeted by cheerful young ladies in bright, mildly-decorated costumes who were handing out Shhh souvenirs. I always look forward to the moment when I get to add a fete cup to my collection. Am I the only one? Lol.

The DJ’s wasted no time so you know my waistline was turning from early. I chipped my way over to a nice table in perfect locale and used it to brace myself for those fierce whines. The quality tunes were flowing constantly and for a brief moment I thought I was back in Trinidad. NOPE, wake up Shamair, you’re still in Brooklyn. Eventually more costume girls came out and starting dancing on table tops and on the stage. This was a relief because I secretly wanted t know why it was sub titled “the carnival experience”. More importantly, I wanted to be on a table in a costume at a fete! How does one get THAT job! Because I will volunteer with the quickness! Just don’t start throwing dollars at me. 


Patrons were slowly making their way to the fete. Most of them took up residence in the back and shied away from center stage…why? I have no idea. The place was packed by 8:00PM but it wasn’t RAM. You didn’t have to fight over a space or say “excuse me” every 5 seconds. It was perfectly packed. I spent the rest of the night whining away, hailing old friends, making new friends, sipping on my drinks of choice (Johnny & Cranberry or Vodka & Pineapple) and watching some impressive male waistlines. Everyone was happy and friendly. It was fabulous! I left during Nadia Batson’s performance and before Lyrikal’s, but honestly…I didn’t need it. 6 Hours of my life was well spent on the rooftop of The Brooklyn Children’s Museum thanks to Natalie… So with that I say, sorry Natalie I can’t keep quiet…I have to shout this loud so that everyone hears that Shhh was amazing!!!


Next up…Sunny Side Up NYC.


Sha Sha signing out nice…