Simple Tiara Tutorial




One of the most drool-worthy elements of a carnival costume is a well designed feather headpiece. Looking at them is all fine and dandy until you have to put them on. Let me be honest with you, once masqueraders cross the main judging point, all full-costume bets are off! Stripper mode is activated for most masqueraders because “ain’t nobody got time” or energy to be rocking those headpieces on the road for 12 hours straight, or more!


Thankfully, tiara’s have come to our rescue. At some point over the last few years they have become very popular. Tiara’s are a better option for anti-stush revelers like myself. They sure beat “chucking” a big headpiece on the ground because you’re too lazy and worn out to carry it. Throwing pieces of my costume away is not an option for me. After I paid my hard earned money for my costume, “bessss” believe everything is coming back with me! The bystanders on the road will NOT be picking up my feathery leftovers lol.


So, to save money, hassle and aggravation on the road I highly recommend getting a tiara instead of a headpiece. If your skin acts up in the sun while dripping in sweat like mine does, I TRIPLE recommend it. However, here’s a tip: You can order the headpiece, then upon collection disassemble it and use the feathers for your boots or other accessories. This will eliminate the need to pack feathers in your luggage. You can then take the base of the headpiece and restructure it as a tiara or smaller headpiece.


Ok, enough with the reading….lets get crafting! Here’s what you’ll need for this project:



14 Gauge Wire 11 – 13 Inches

Stretch Fabric – 2 Strips (1inch x 30 inches)

High Temperature Glue Stick

Wire Cutters




2 Flat Head Pliers

1 Round Nose Pliers

Measuring Tape

High Temperature Glue Gun

Round base (i.e. Flower Pot, Bowl, Vase etc..)


Video Tutorial


Length: 7 Minutes