Soca Ski Fest 2016 – The Recap


When you hear the words “Soca Ski Fest” it’s an automatic thought that soca, snow and skis would be involved. I’m telling you right now to remove those last two items out of your head lol. There was no SNOW. There were no Ski’s…but there was nuff SOCA and nuff VIBES. This year, Soca Ski Fest fell on a lovely pre-Spring weekend. I for one did not miss the snow and I’m almost certain no one intended on skiing in the first place.


The Concept:

But what exactly is Soca Ski Fest (SSF) you may ask? Well, it’s a weekend event in Wilkes Barre, PA hosted by SupaRoy. The cost to attend includes hotel accommodations, complimentary breakfast, access to 5 fetes and bus transportation. There were 4 hotels that guests could choose from; my friends and I had the pleasure of staying in the main hotel (Woodlands Inn) where all the parties were held. Guests lodged in the other hotels received complementary shuttle service to and from the Woodlands Inn.




Most patrons opted to take the SSF buses from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania. However, guests are more than welcomed to drive their own vehicles. The bus rides can be “dry” or “lit” depending on the people on your bus. Aside from the freezing temperature and late departure, our bus ride was pretty decent. Once we checked into the hotel our party mentalities checked in as well! It was time to “buss out” the libations and oversized speakers and get our outfits ready cuz it was FETE TIME!




I won’t go into detail about each fete. But, I will say that Roy did his THANG with the DJ selection and surprise artist appearances. We had the honor of watching Kerwin Dubois perform on Friday night, then on Saturday, Shal Marshal, Nutron and Teddyson John graced the stage along with some local soca talent. Each event over the weekend was vibes-galore. But, if I had to choose I would say that the Insomnia Day Fete and Bonjour Breakfast Party were my favorites. When I arrived on Friday night I was concerned that I had forgotten how to wine; but, by Sunday afternoon my waistline was like pure rubber. There’s nothing like space and opportunity to get on “bad, bad, bad, bad!


So if you’re thinking about Soca Ski Fest 2017 know this:


The entire concept of SSF screams CONVENIENCE. Just think, a weekend of 24/7 liming, feting and consistent inebriation without having to designate a sober driver. Pre-game in your room (or someone else’s) before the fete. Take a to-go cup and sip on your drink of choice as you walk to the fete. If you start to lose your “buzz” mid-fete, just take a quick walk back to the room or buy a drink from de bar. After the fete, take a stroll through “Flatbush” and continue the partying. You bettah not be stush because if you think yuh walking straight through “Flatbush” think again…it’s strictly “WHINE TO PASS – eh eh – WHINE TO PASS!” LOL, I guarantee you will be entertained each and every time you enter the hallways.



In summary, Soca Ski Fest is not for the stushies. “If yuh stush go in de bush!” If you’re looking for a “Beach House” or “Bliss” atmosphere this is NOT it. If you’re looking for a five star breakfast, SSF is not the place to get it. If you’re an avid complainer who is hard to please then please stay away from SSF.


How about this though… If your answer to all of the statements below is “yes” (without hesitation) then I can happily say that you may just be Soca Ski Fest worthy.


  1. I love soca and dancehall music.

  2. I love to fete and have a good time.

  3. I can travel for long hours via bus with strangers.

  4. I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people.

  5. I can tolerate large crowds.

  6. I can sleep through and/or tolerate loud noises at all hours.

  7. I can get by on a simple hotel breakfast.

  8. I have a good amount of patience.

  9. I’m all about positive vibes and zero drama.

  10. I have a few dollars to spare for a sophisti-ratchet experience.


How well did you do on my little test? I personally wasn’t motivated to return to SSF 2016 after an epic 2015 year. In fact, while waiting to board the buses this year I vowed that I wouldn’t return in 2017. However, after the vibe-filled weekend we just had I may find myself eating those words in the future. Here’s a little video montage for you to sip on as you decide for yourself.I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment and Share!