St. Lucia Carnival Fete Recap 2019

Video launches on Tuesday, July 30 at 9:00PM EST


I just knew St. Lucia carnival was gonna be a whole problem!


Every year I try to escape to a new country for carnival. St. Lucia was the pick for 2019 and I am beyond glad that I visited. I’ll let the video speak for itself. If you prefer to read, here is my written recap in an easily digestible nutshell:



Type: Cooler Fete

Praises: Good venue | Vibes

Recommended Improvements: Improve ticket scanning technology 

Comments: Really nice way to start the weekend pump! 



Type: Cooler Cruise

Praises: Great boat | Loved the snacks | Keep the performances!

Recommended Improvements: Reduce the sailing hours and end the event with a dock party. That way those who need to leave will be able to. 

Comments: Vibes galore! 



Type: Jouvert Party (Drinks Inclusive)

Praises: Don’t change a thing!!!

Recommended Improvements: I’m drawing a blank here lol 

Comments: My favorite fete for SLU 2019! 


Soca Raff Up

Type: Cooler Cruise

Praises: Loved the catamarans | Shore stop was bess | Great captains!

Recommended Improvements: Add Snacks | Increase communication for location and registration | Communicate late departures to patrons

Comments: My second favorite fete!



Type: Cooler Beach Fete

Praises: Great concept

Recommended Improvements: Please don’t let Riggo DJ when he’s drunk

Comments: Everyone I know had a great time at the event, except me, but it was no fault of the promoters. My neck and shoulder were injured, the rain was heavy and the sea breeze made it cold AF. Mix that with a drunk DJ and I was just miserable. No amount of liquor would have made it better. 



That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for your continued support!