Storming 101



Hi Honey Dips! 


So, I received an email from a follower asking this question:


“Would it be bad to make my own costume and not go with a band?”


As I drafted my response to her I realized the she is probably not the only one looking for this answer. Thus, this blog topic was created. Shout out to Tierra for sliding in my DM’s!


Let’s talk about storming…. The beautiful concept of playing mas or jouvert without paying for it. Is it the most honorable act? No, but it sure doesn’t make your bank account angry. Storming is a craft and one that is only for the brave at heart. If your timid cousin Ingrid is going to hesitate when it comes to hopping a fence or running from security you “bess” leave her tail at home. #IJS.


Sometimes you need to get down and dirty to have a great FREE experience. Take it from me, Miami carnival 2013 was one for the books. I have a of couple war scars from scaling a wall then climbing down a tree but it was totally worth it LOL! #TomBoy


So how does one storm successfully? Watch my latest video and/or read the details below.



This essentially means understanding that you are in the wrong no matter what. You didn’t pay to play mas so don’t get vexed when security asks you to leave…You wrong bruh! You wrong. You can try to resist and prove your case ONE time, but don’t push it. Accept your failure and move on. Granted, some of you may be too intoxicated to think rationally in this situation, but please try your best lol. There is nothing worse that spoiling the fun for your friends because you wanted to have beef with security and staff.



You NEED to look like you belong…period. Ladies please don’t try storming a costume band in a sundress or a romper. You will stick out like a sore thumb. At the very least you should wear a blinged-out bra and a pair of hot shorts. I recommend recycling a costume or making your own for maximum success. Feathers are your friend when it comes to storming.


Fellas, get those bodies in shape, go shirtless and wear a pair of swim trunks when storming (especially over seas). See how my boy Dee did it in BIM…HAWTness.


If a band has a t-shirt section try wearing a similar color. If you’re unsure what the t-shirt colors are, just pack a few bright colored shirts; mas bands always choose bright colors for the road. If you luck out and get a color that matches security that’s even better.



Ideally you want to wait until the band has a good amount of masqueraders present so that you can blend into their crowd. I usually like arriving to events early, but if I’m storming there is no need to rush. The more people the better. Peak storming times begin when the sun goes down. Once security has been on the road for hours they will not care so much about pulling people out (unless you are being a disturbance). Additionally, darker hours make it harder to spot intruders.



This may seem like a common sense thing to do but I’m writing it anyway. Security holds the ropes throughout the route. Your goal should be to avoid them at all costs. Your best bet is to stay in the center of the section where you can blend in with the masqueraders.



Throughout the route the band will make occasional stops. When this happens you want to make sure that you are not spotted. I recommend immersing yourself in the middle or migrating to another section or a different band altogether if this happens. Don’t get comfortable in one location.



This may sound silly but a bare wrist will get you nowhere. If you have a number of party bands or support bands on your wrist it will be harder for security to identify you as a fraud. Don’t have any? I can help with that!



One of the key things is to ensure that you are able to move quickly without a lot of baggage. Camel Paks, (also referred to as Hydration Packs) are your friend. They have compartments for valuables and of course the big pouch to fill with you drink of choice. Mugs are also great for storming but if you need to jump a fence right quick your hands will have to be free. #IJS


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Shout out to my FRAMILY who submitted photos and videos for this edition. Love you all! #CUGLife


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