The Power of the Bands

If you think this post is a bout mas bands think again. We’re talking wristbands today baby! Have you ever wondered why carnival junkies have stacks of wrist bands on their arm? Better yet, have you ever asked someone why their wearing the SAME wristbands weeks after the trip? I used to be that confused person. I mean, their plastic! Shoot, sometimes their even made out of paper! But here’s the thing. It’s not until you dive into the madness that you gain a true appreciation for this colorful arm candy.


I don’t think a lot of people understand the power of the wristband. So, I’m taking it upon myself to educate you on three of these significant powers.


1. Memory Power


Each band has an immeasurable amount of memories that surge up in my mind when I look at it. When I glance at my Phuket band from 2016 or any of my Limerz Cruise bands from Crop Over, a burst of joy rushes over me and a smile pops up on my face. How could these little plastic bands have such an impact on me? Looking at them always makes me even more excited for the fetes that are to come. I think about the food, the friendships, the sweet wines, the drinks….it all flashes before my eyes with one glimpse of the band. Le sigh.


Photo Courtesy of When Bandits Unite for the First Time 


2. Swag Power


Getting into some of these fetes isn’t easy. Sometimes you have to be willing to give up a few limbs and some dignity to get into certain fetes. However, if you do get through, and you have an unspeakably great time, you’re not going to want to take that band off. In fact, you will most likely make a point to non-verbally inform others that you made it into the elite group of feters for said unicorn fete.


More power to yuh! Because if I paid $200+ for a fete, I’d rock that sucker like it came straight from Jared’s. But I’ll admit, I’ve been there. I’ve been proud to rock a few exclusive wristbands in my day. Feeling like a conqueror because my internet speed was fast enough to beat the “SOLD OUT” announcement. Yeah. I’m not ashamed lol. I rocked my three-digit bands with pride!


Photo Courtesy of One of My Fave Bandits!  


3. Unity Power


I’d say the greatest thing about wristbands are the connections that can be made with them. They are guaranteed conversation pieces before, during an after a trip. I recall being on Ariapita Avenue when a stranger inquired about the bands on my wrist. I gladly shared my fete stories behind each band as we waited for our food to be prepared. It was indeed a pleasant and unexpected conversation.


I would be remiss to talk about linkage power and not give homage to the group behind the best lime green band there is. WFYG!!! Otherwise known as “Which Fetes Yuh Goin?”. If you are a feter and have not yet linked on to this group please do so ASAP. Not only will you have access to an abundance of wisdom and information regarding carnivals and fetes, but you gain a new family, for real-for real.

 Photo Courtesy of Ricardo Reyes: Look at all Those Bands!


I joined the Facebook group at the end of 2015 and had the privilege of being a part of the WFYG Trinidad Carnival page and group chat. Needless to say, with nearly 6,000 members on the FB page and almost 100 people in the chat group…there is a LOT of talking. Which also means there is a LOT of bonding. Just think. You’re communicating with the SAME people on a DAILY basis for MONTHS on end. Then, when you finally meet them in a fete it’s like your world is complete. Never would I have imagined these kinds of results. My original thought was that I would just be getting the inside scoop on fetes and bands and that’s it…but no, I got soooo much more than I anticipated. I can’t even put it into words. The support, jokes, and networking opportunities have been endless. I am so thankful for the amount of support T’ingz Nice has received since I joined WFYG.


One of the beautiful things about the group is that there is so much maturity. I haven’t seen or experienced one argument, or felt uncomfortable at any time. Don’t get me wrong, we love to debate and provide our individual opinions. But arguing is almost taboo. Like any group, there are people I gravitate to more than others. But overall, WFYG is love. See a bandit – pick them up – then all day we wukkup – wukkup! (I just made that up LOL). And that’s the truth. With a lime green band on, you’re never alone. Someone is guaranteed to befriend you, introduce you to other bandits, pass you a few drinks and be there with you if you’re too turnt to make it home alone.



So on that note I say shout out to my WFYG bandits! Trinidad Carnival 2016 wouldn’t have been the same without you!


MOA Approved I didn’t forget about you! Big up to the sweet Ministry of Appreciation! We truly do bring de Vybez!


Moral of the story is, don’t underestimate the power of the wristband. They are the holders of beautiful memories; accessories of pride and inanimate pieces of unity. You’ll never look at a wristband the same again lol.


So for those promoters that don’t bother giving us bands…get on the “band-wagon” please! A fete is not complete without one!



Sha Sha Out!


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