The Secret to a Great Carnival Body!


I love how some people race and jump through hoops to get their bodies ready for carnival when there’s a really simple secret to obtaining the ideal carnival look. Here’s my equation:


EW + E + 365 = HAWT Body!!!


I’m sure some of you have figured it out by now but here’s the breakdown. Please note that none of these will work alone. They MUST be done TO-GE-THER:


EW = Eat Well


We all have our vices. Me, I’m addicted to bread, rice and all things sweet. I will mash up a whole cake in a short span of time and devour a  6 pack of Cinnabon’s with ease.


If you want that carnival body be good to your insides.


Say no to fast food and anything containing sugar MOST of the time. You can have your cheat days, just don’t cheat everyday.


Substitute those fried foods for baked foods. Replace carbs with veggies. Reduce your portion size and try to eat the “REAL” per person servings for each item on your plate.


Eat less but eat more often and ensure to snack on healthy things in between main meals.


Substitute juice and soda for water and/or natural shakes


E = Exercise


Duh! I love when people go in BEAST MODE and exercise like a maniac, But put in ZERO effort to eat well. It’s not going to work to your BEST benefit people! Remember, it should be about overall health and not about “looking good”.


In actuality you need to be able to maintain that stamina while on your fete marathon and while on the road. Don’t go lookin’ all fabulous and then fall out because you couldn’t keep up. Don’t none of your friends want to be going with you to the hospital after they just paid mega money to be on the road.


Choose the exercises that are best for your body.


You don’t need a gym membership but it helps. Home workouts are just as effective if you are consistent, pick the right routines and execute them correctly.



365 = Every Day


This is self explanatory. You should be making daily efforts and wise decisions towards your carnival body. Please don’t wait until the last minute to try and transform for de road.


Carnival is about having fun. Don’t put added pressure on yourself  by trying to lose a ridiculous amount of weight in a month or less. Be in it for the long haul.


Yes, your schedule may be hectic, but sacrifice and proper planning is required if you want to get your body right.


Put those excuses away, stop following the enticing food pages on social media and work towards a better inner and outer you.


My System 


My friends like to make joke because I have a fairly small frame and they think I can eat what I want and get away with it. That’s a blasted lie! This takes work people! I started to workout hard body and eat better several years ago. The muscle mass I was gainining was AWESOME but I was getting way too small for my liking so I turned it down a bit. Now that I know what works for me I have a set system to maintain my ideal weight, be healthy and keep all my curves in the right places. Note, holiday time and travel time this system goes out the window lol. A month before carnival I do the following:


My Go-To Eating Regimen: 


Breakfast: Good Carbs, protein and fruit with my daily Vitamins

Lunch: Protein, light or no carbs and veggies

Dinner: Heavy protein (nothing fried) and veggies (maybe light carbs).

Snacks: Crackers, Cheese, Greek Yogurt, Fruit

Beverages: Water, healthy shakes or diluted juice.


My Go-To Home Workouts:


Exercise Ball Crunches, Sit Ups, Weight Training & Squats


Remember this is what I do…you have to do what’s going to get YOU the right results for YOUR body. I couldn’t help but notice an increase in discussions and social media posts about getting carnival ready. What about the other months of the year? Sure, it’s cool and normal to want to make things a little tighter for carnival but starting from scratch is kinda cra’y. The more work you do throughout the year the less work you have to do when carnival comes around. If you’re like me and my fete friends, carnivals come pretty often. So guess what that means for our bodies…. round the clock effort. That’s just my two cents.


To all those going to TT in a few weeks…see you on de road! Look my excitement below lol!


Sha Sha out

~ Love, Peace and Niceness ~