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Trinidad Carnival 2016 Fete Review


Listen! My birthday weekend in TNT was action packed and fun filled. I’m gonna cut straight to the chase and give you my opinions on the six fetes I attended. Note, this post does not include the road experiences on Jouvert morning and Carnival Monday. Those will be separate posts. When you’re done reading be sure to check out my video montage of the whole feting experience at the end of the post. Or start backwards! Whatever floats your boat! 


I warn you that my opinions are going to be very honest. I don’t particularly care if some individuals take offense to my comments. This is constructive criticism that should be used to enhance the events in the years to come. I’m here to bring hardcore 411 to the carnival virgins and carnival junkies from an anti-stush perspective. That is all.


Ready. Set. Go!


First up…



Rating: 3.5 Stars 


Best Thing About It: The performances by Kes and Machel were the highlight of Tribe Ignite. I must admit Kes’ set wasn’t as action packed as it usually is. There were quite a few dull moments that made their way in. Last year you couldn’t get me from in front of the stage because his lineup and energy was epic! But for some reason I wasn’t motivated to stay put. Thus, I ventured off to find friends during the turndown time. Machel’s performance was excellent as usual, but once Waiting on the Stage was played for 10 minutes too long I walked away.


Worst Thing About It: I really don’t have anything negative to say here. It’s a very nice starter fete.


Will I Return?: Probably not. I would like to attend another Carnival Thursday event in the future. I only attended this year because it was going to be my only opportunity to see Machel and Kes Live.


Memo to Promoters: Keep up the good work!




Rating: 5 Stars! 


Best Thing About It: Absolutely everything! This is my favorite fete. This is the second year in a row that Phuket is coming out on top. You cannot pull me away from this fete! This year the promoters opted to make the event all inclusive and they added a full fledge BBQ to the agenda. Last year we had chicken and fries and I was thoroughly content with that. But no, they took it to de maximum! There were at least 4 separate food stations feters could visit that catered to the carnivores, the vegetarians and the picky eaters. The lines weren’t long (if any) and the portions were of good size. After all, you could always go back!


The location of Phuket is beautiful. It’s held right on Pier 1 and it’s perfect size. There’s just enough space for everyone to fit with personal wining room. No need to walk “a mile and a half” to find your friends, refill your drink or use the facilities. Perfect I say!


Ugh, take me back to Phuket! Take me back to Goldschlager shots and perfectly concocted frozen margarita’s. Take me back to excellent musical selections and wotlessness with zero judgment.


Worst Thing About It: It ended…that’s the worst part!


Will I Return: Heck Phrikking yeah!


Memo to Promoters: Don’t change a blasted thing! I mean not one thing you hear me? It was easy to get tickets. I didn’t have to know a committee member to get in. It was a stress free fete. They kept it real. They invested in general wristbands and didn’t waste money on typical souvenirs that would just be chucked away once the pahty done. They put the dough where it counted. They put it in the execution which would have an everlasting impact on the memories that were made. Big up yourselves!



Rating: 2.5 Stars 


Best Thing About It: It fell on my Birthday! But seriously, I think having the opportunity to see Voice perform “Cheers to Life” live was my favorite part of the Ambush experience this year.  


Worst Thing About It: I have a number of gripes, but the main issue was the food situation at the end. I shouldn’t have to cut my road experience short just to rush and get to the food before everyone else. There should have been enough food and drinkgs to go around without a problem. If you can’t pull that off reduce your numbers or increase your services. I left Ambush starving. Thank goodness for a fellow bandit who delivered some corn soup to our maxi lol.


Obtaining tickets to this event was absolutely ridiculous and a major turn off. By the time I got through I didn’t even feel like attending anymore. In addition I heard that package pick up was insane. However, my package was collected for me so I can’t speak on this personally. If you went through the package pick up nightmare feel free to comment below!


Will I Return: Nope. Not in Trinidad. Been there done that and it honestly wasn’t worth the hassle and frustration to get in. The vibes were not there this year “attahl”! It was forced fun indeed. If I didn’t have to go to Soca Brainwash right after I would have gotten pissy drunk out of aggravation. I’m officially over this Unicorn fete. However, if you’ve never attended I do recommend it.


Memo to Promoters: Please work on the food situation. Word on the street is that there used to be food stations on the route for revelers to stop at. Try bringing that back please. The poor doubles man got bumrushed while he was working and your patrons took ovah!


Also, what was the deal with the sections? Was that really necessary? The concept was cute at first but honestly it brought about much confusion. And why may I ask weren’t we shown images of the t-shirts in advance? Because I definitely would have chosen something else. I was very disappointed in those designs. Many of us would love for you to return to a single t-shirt design. Can we at least be unified in our attire. There is enough separation to get into the fete as it is and I’m sure it was more expensive to print various styled shirts than it was to print one design.


Can we please get some signage on the way to the shuttles. Drivers need to know where to go and aside from following other cars there is no way to REALLY know where drop off point is.




Rating: 4 Stars


Best Thing About It: The vibes and the people in Soca Brainwash always have my heart. Everywhere I turned someone was smiling. I think the themes really embrace what Ryan wants people to step away with and it works. Last year was the “Festival of Love” and this time around we had the “Festival of FUN”…both years lived up to their themes.


Worst Thing About It: Only bad part was that I got there late! Ugh. I really don’t have anything negative to say lol. I arrived at 4:30PM and there was still food and drinks. Pahty was turned “way up like and elevator”! I missed the cute sippy cups but that was the least of my worries.


Will I Return: I sure would if given the opportunity. If the technology God’s are in my favor I will be in front of 2 computers again when tickets launch.


Memo to Promoters: First off I know this is an extremely popular event. But, I want to say thank you for allowing equal opportunity for ticket purchases especially for those of us living abroad. I appreciated not having to know a committee member to get tickets. It was every man or woman for themselves. If they stuck and forgot to go online and purchase at the time you stated then oh well. You gave everyone a fair chance which is highly respected and guess what?! Your fete was still filled with classy, sophistiratchet socaholics! There was no drama. No vagabonds and no chaos. See, it can be done people! Take notes.


Both years I noticed that there is still a lot of space left in the venue for people to attend. Is it possible to increase the number of attendees slightly and still maintain the quality without over congesting the area? It’s just a thought. Believe you-me, I am perfectly fine with the ample spacing! It’s a bess fete. Keep it up!




Rating: 4 Stars


Best Thing About It: Easy access to food, snacks and drinks! Doubles, hot dogs, tacos, wine coolers ice cream sandwiches and more…there were so many options right there at my fingertips. I honestly wasn’t expecting any food at this fete; it was such a pleasant surprise! Oh and how could I forget Bunji’s performance. Vikings!!!


Worst Thing About It: Nothing bad to say here!


Will I Return: Definitely! I will make sure to come in a waterproof suit because people were truly SOAKED! No question where the title came from. My friends and I stayed away from hardcore showers only because we didn’t want to get turned down by any maxi’s on the way out. Please don’t sleep on this cooler fete. It’s a great scene for big crews. If you want to get away from seeing the same faces over and over again, take a breather and go to Soaka! Nuff space for everyone!


Memo to Promoters: Don’t change anything! I felt like I got so much for my money.  Great job!




Rating: 5 Stars! This is my second favorite fete after Phuket. 


Best Thing About It: De Vibes! Listen. Soon as one foot touched down on Roast Cruise I knew it was going to be epic. The people on that boat came to wukkup like de Bajans. There was no stushness. No one was posed up on the side trying to look cute. Pure jammishness I tell you.


Worst Thing About It: What worst part??! Somebody bring me back to Roast please!


Will I Return: Undoubtedly!


Memo to Promoters: I only have 2 requests lol. First, please adjust the location on the ticket so that it says “Harbour Master Dock” instead of C3 Marina, 119 Western Main Road. Don’t nobody know where that is if you leave just so lol. When I told the maxi driver the address he was stumped. But, when we mentioned it was a boat ride on the  “Harbour Master” it was understood. Those attending for the first time found this to be a challenge. Unfortunately, some individuals were driven to the pier in Chagauramas which is also on Western Main Road and they were unable to attend. 


Second…. Order more fries! LOL. I got mine but I felt bad for those who were only able to get a burger LOL. I was so mad at all the people wasting good food. If you don’t want it leave it be. 


Even with a few not-so-great fetes I had an incredible time. The party is what you make it! I hope you enjoyed my reviews. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on Unicorn fetes, Jouvert Morning and Carnival Monday. Please remember to comment and share! I’d love to hear your thoughts especially if you attended any of the events above. Until next time…


Here’s the video!




Sha Sha Out!