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Trinidad Carnival 2023 Recap

Trinidad Carnival Soca Brainwash

After way too many years of waiting, Trinidad Carnival officially returned! I’m so glad to have made it for the festivities, and more importantly, the reunions! “What a time to be alive!” This episode is a little longer than usual, but something tells me y’all aren’t going to mind. Tune in for the full recap of my Trinidad Carnival 2023 experiences, and if you haven’t been keeping up on my socials I highly recommend it so that you can get the complete picture. I also encourage you to check out the blogs, articles and social media footage of other carnival enthusiasts like Bahamianista, Chav Da Kid, OG Choice and others who made their way to the 868 this month.

Listening Time: 38 Minutes

Discussed in this episode:

  • My travel journey to and from Trinidad
  • My fete list and reviews
  • Band and costume review
  • Food experiences
  • Regrets and do-overs

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Trinidad Carnival Soca Brainwash
Travel Day: Trinidad 2020

Trinidad 2023 Snippets

Trinidad Carnival Tuesday
Carnival Tuesday w/Lost Tribe Carnival
Trinidad Carnival Imagine
Private Ryan's Imagine Jouvert Fete
Trinidad Carnival Monday
Carnival Monday w/Lost Tribe Carnival

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