Tutorial: From T-Shirt to Bodysuit



Have you ever been on the road or at jouvert and wondered how some women get the bodysuit version of the t-shirt you’re wearing? I sure have. Some women are VIP’s and get the official bodysuit from their promoter friends while others simply design it themselves. Here is a super quick, 3-minute tutorial on how you can transform an oversized t-shirt into a bodysuit. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to do this overseas at your next carnival with a few essential supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:



Measuring Tape

Safety Pin


Stitch Witchery



Oversized T-Shirt

Old Bodysuit/One Piece Bikini (to use as a “pattern”)







The video is your friend but I’ve provided written instructions for you to print and pack in your luggage. Downloaded the file directly from my blog on the right side panel.




  • Reinforce the corners using needle and thread for added security.This way, if you’re wukking up too hard there is less likelihood that your bodysuit will buss. You probably don’t want your goodies hanging out.

  • Wear some type of undergarment with your bodysuit just in case i.e. thongs, carnival panties or tights. Go commando at your own risk lol.

  • Be gentle and try not to disturb the edges as you get into your bodysuit.



  • Stitch Witchery is fusible bonding. It is strong but it is not permanent.

  • You can get the same results if you sew it by hand. This may be a more secure option. If you sew it by machine the results are even better.

  • Since most t-shirts are made with 100% cotton your bodysuit will not stretch. This means it will require a good amount of wiggling to get into

  • You will hear the Stitch Witchery coming undone as you put it on but have no fear.

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P.s. Shout out to Tito and Atekah from Represent Turks and Caicos for the T-Shirt!