Ubersoca Cruise 2017: The Recap


Welp! I made it through my second Ubersoca Cruise (USC)! All my USC veterans know that this is NOT the easiest task. This blog is a bit delayed due to pure laziness, life struggles and some hardcore Ubersoca Tabanca; if you need the definition please see below LOL.



But, let’s get down to the good stuff; I’m not going to say much, but I will say this:


On the morning of debarkation everyone kept asking me what I thought about the cruise and which year I thought was better. Each year was special in its own way. I’ve provided a number of diagrams throughout this post which depict MY comparison of the signature events, cruise lines and and the overall operation of the four-night event between the two years. Here goes:


What I always enjoy most about Ubersoca Cruise is the unity amongst the entertainers and guests. There were many moments where you couldn’t even tell who was who. We all had to wait in line for food and gather in common places; the entertainers really didn’t get THAT much special treatment (IMO). After an artist or DJ performed on stage you bounced up right next to them on the sidelines; there were no barriers. We all came to have a good time and be amongst friends. As Kes mentioned in the Talking Soca segment, entertainers don’t get to hang out together in this type of setting… EVER. Ubersoca Cruise is their fun escape mixed in with a little work. Not only are these individuals performing each night, they are literally making chunes and working on collaborations while on board. Here are a couple links to soca music videos that were recorded on Ubersoca Cruise. It was an epic time! 


Shal Marshall: “Splinters” 


Ricardo Drue and King Bubba’s: “Drunk Day Today (Remix)”




Each fete on USC was essentially a concert. I’m still a tad depressed that I missed my boo Patrice Roberts’ performance at the All White Party. I’m pretty sure a sweet nap was to blame for that. Aside from this, I was front and center stage each night. Every party was on point.




The after parties were lit A.F.! In 2016 I had zero energy to attend any after parties; I feted way too hard at the concerts and wanted nothing more than to sleep on my uber-comfy mattress. I vowed to make my presence known on the after party scene this year and boy am I glad about it. I think everyone will agree that the after party in Kaleidoscope after Midnight Mas was hands down THEEEE best. Where else will you see Lyrikal jumping on a speaker box while Voice acts as DJ and Teddyson John hijacking the drums from Kerry the Drummer… all while jamming to LFS’s big hit “No Weapon”. Then, as if it couldn’t get “littier”, Freeze International plays “Top Striker” and dares the crowd to do the “New Palance” into the hallways of the Carnival Sensation. TAP DE SCREEN!!! You just had to be there to understand.





One of the differences between 2016 and 2017 was the choice of cruise lines. In 2016 Ubersoca Cruise was held on the Norwegian Pearl; this year we mashed up the Carnival Sensation. The beautiful thing about both years is that guests occupied the entire ship. I don’t think this will or should ever change. 






The Ubersoca Cruise committee did an excellent job once again organizing a one of a kind event for thousands of Soca lovers. The boat was completely sold out this year and I was a bit concerned that spacing would be an issue; thankfully, it was not! 2017 wasn’t as flawless as the year before but that was to be expected with the increased numbers.



Everyone who purposely missed Ubersoca Cruise in 2016 made an appearance this year since the USC guinea pigs attended and came back with nothing but high praises. Unfortunately, many of these newbies were a little too negative for my blood. The private USC Facebook chat had me checking my blood pressure on a regular basis; nonetheless, I survived and so did they. I macco’d the group page after the trip and didn’t see not ONE complaint. I was like “Ha! Tek dat!” So, if you plan to attend Ubersoca Cruise for the first time in 2018 all I ask is this…trust the process and listen to the Original Vet’s.





No Weapon by LFS is a frikkin hit!

Top Striker by Lil Natty and Thunda is the “New Palance”

Voice gets rhell gansta when he’s intoxicated LOL

Teddyson John could have a new career as “Teddy the Drummer”

We’ll take Jab Jab oil over stink and rahtid paint any day

DJ Ana should never be underestimated!

What’sApp out here saving lives!


My words are limited, but hopefully the following montage will help you get a better understanding of yet another awesome Ubersoca Cruise experience.


P.s. Shout out to everyone who came up to me on the cruise and thanked me for my work. It meant soooooo much! I will do my best to continue feeding you valuable information about all things carnival. I love allyuh!