Ubersoca Cruise 2018: Tips & Tidbits Pt. 2

Hi Honey-Dips!


Thank you for being so patient these past few days LOL. As promised, I’m back with part two of this series! As a disclaimer, this 2018 version of my Tips & Tidbits piece is not as elaborate as the one I did for 2017. It is helpful to note that you can STILL get juicy information from last year’s post. Many of the tips and tidbits I provided previously can be applied to the upcoming experience because some things just don’t expire! Be sure to read up on the 2017 post HERE.

In this particular episode I give you access into my headspace and share with you what I would and wouldn’t do if I was going on the cruise this year. Additionally, I give a quick run through of the main events and offer recommendations on what to wear. 




Please, PLEASE, I beg of thee, do NOT be discouraged by MY thoughts or comments. If this will be your first time on Ubersoca Cruise please experience it for yourself and get your monies worth! If you’re a USC Vet then you already know what the deal is (for the most part) and can manage your movements better than a newbie. No matter what you do, what you wear, or who you go with I am confident that you WILL have a great time. Don’t let anything or anyone ruin your experience. Ok das it.


Thanks for tuning in!


Sha Sha Out!